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The consumption of alcohol in a social surrounding, especially to excess.

Derived from the Scots toast 'slange var', traditionally said at dinner with the right foot on the table.
Aye mate, we were in a total slange cave before we came to the club, so slighty the worse for wear.

Few more tins of Tenny's down ye and ye'll be pure slanged.

Tuesday nights are an opportunity for epic slange if you aren't facing a breathaliser the morning after.
by Wellparker September 04, 2008
the most asmazing word in the world. can be used to describe practically anything.
primerilly meaning slag, slut etc... but isnt as offensive, can be used to describe males, as well as females.
can be used to describe any sexual act eg/ she's been slangin again.
shut up you slange.
slange off.
you slange.
stop slangin you slange.
by emily March 10, 2005
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