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A sexual encounter that involves two guys under 150 pounds as the bread and one fat bitch over 250 pounds serving as the meat. Similar to an Eiffel Tower but more commonly found in backwoods towns and rural areas.
Dude we got so hammered we Slamwiched that waitress from Denny's last night!!
by Whettin Inn Manager August 30, 2010
A slamwhich is just like any other ordinary sandwich, except that it is made by your bitch immediately after sexual intercourse, and usually served in bed.
Her(panting): "That was amazing"
Him(stoic): "Sure... now go make me a slamwich"
Her: "ok"
by chayguy420 November 03, 2010
1. Colloquialism for a slamming sandwich.

2. Human position during threesome.
"Have you tried the eggplant parmesan hero? That shit is a slamwich."
by lordfnord January 22, 2008
A sandwich made really fast, or slammed together, usually during a commercial break.
"I'm really into this show, but I'm starving!"
"No worries, next commercial I will make you a slamwich!"
by PurpleAnkh February 18, 2010
the most brutal of sandwiches
Devin broke into the subway the other day and made himself a serious slamwich.
by broody mc July 07, 2009
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