Someone, potentially an asshole, who you continuously have hot sex with, but have no attachments. This person is merely used for sex. You may have one or two cute couple pictures with this person on Facebook.
Eric is my slampiece. I call him over at night when I'm bored and I wanna fuck. He can only stay over if I wanna fuck in the morning, too.
by useslampiece December 02, 2009
A SlamPiece is a smokin hot babe that you fuck on the reg.
-Bro, I was playin COD on Xbox last night and my number one "SlamPiece" came over and started bobbin me so hard that she knocked the sticks outta my hands."

-Damn did you win?"

-Naw, but it was chill, cause then she made me a sandwich."
by JBroTibbs May 02, 2011
a girl/boy with no problem when their boyfriend/girlfriend wants to hit that shit then quit that shit
So I was talking to my slampiece after we engaged in vaginal sex....
by nor whore October 21, 2010
Martha Helt, famous luchadore with the Readingo Buccaneeros.
Slampiece took down Gino with an el loco pollo!
by Box-Dreamer August 19, 2011
That girl you are really good friends and casually have sex with. She is your friend with benefits and is cool enough to see nothing wrong with that. They are down to hang out and get down and dirty.
My Slam Piece knows when i'm hanging out with the bros and when I needs a good blows
by Jammin Slam December 01, 2011
Women who do not take much effort to take home for the night
Put the smell good on fellas, we're going scunting for some slampieces tonight! (see scunting for further explanation)
by jhough1390 May 01, 2010
Someone that you regularly hook up with, but would never consider having a serious relationship with.
Alan: Charlie, how do you get so many girls to go for you? You're nothing special.

Charlie Sheen: Because I don't tell them I love them as soon as I meet them Alan, they're just my slam pieces...
by arushvij March 04, 2014
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