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Something that will definitely possibly maybe have a possible slight chance of occurring.
It is a slam dunk that the Clippers will win the NBA title.
by BlazingBolt February 23, 2005
A word for slut when your 6 year old brother or your parents are in the room.
Bob: How was the party
Me: Good there were so many fine--
(brother walks in)
...slam dunks...
by bob November 16, 2003
The act of punching the asshole of another person, usually as a surprise attack or otherwise a torture.
Gavin slam dunked Annie! 50 Points!
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
Noun - A person who has testes and a vagina, but has no penis.
My friend DPC is a Slam Dunk!
by K and M Pimpius August 27, 2006
You use this codename for a girl/girls who you don't know but talk to.
Jonas to Aleks: Look, there's Slam Dunk again. We better run away
by relaxo May 28, 2005