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A kind of laugh that sounds more like hissing... "Ssss ssss ssss ssss" Comes from the term 'ssslaughing'.
I had to listen to that idiot slaffing the other day. It's very bloody annoying!
by I see Stupid People! August 02, 2011
bitch slap
That hoe slaffed me in the face. I'm going to bust a cap in her ass
by Pat Jack February 12, 2004
When a young female masturbates, the sound they make is slosh... But when an elderly woman masturbates this is the sound they make. (See sloshing/fap for more information)
Guy 1: Ew I heard my 72 year old grandma slaffing last night.

Guy 2: Ew... At least that's not as bad as when I heard my 92 yr old pepep paffing -.-
by T-7 April 07, 2009
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