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A noob who has "mastered" every video game on the planet.
He is a great piece of ass.
OMG you noob! I ownd you AGAIN!
That's what she said. - Skymasta
by tr1nny October 29, 2007
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The Man Of All Worlds
Bronxie is a jealouse fuck head who wishes he could be more like me...
by Skyler September 14, 2004
This dude is my friend and isn't an asshole...but he is a noob =P
Dude I've got your back on this shit load of shittyness
by Syd September 14, 2004
Rich noob one who used to date a pretty ass female named catalina.
" DAMN MAN! You skymasta!!"
by someone special September 13, 2004
One who loves the dick.
Krew's mom is such a skymasta dude!
by Desi` February 15, 2008
Arrogant asshole; Bragging is it’s true nature, showing off is its instinct.
Hey I am skymasta, I am very wealthy. I have all party hats and a lot of gp. I am so wealthy every time I talk about myself my arrogance and sheer persona overwhelm all expectations of my true self, meaning I am a bragging D.I. Xbigaboysx dick sucka.
by Bronxie September 13, 2004

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