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an extremely stupid person.
shut up, idiot stick.
man you must have been beaten with an idiot stick.
by skyler July 08, 2004
The Man Of All Worlds
Bronxie is a jealouse fuck head who wishes he could be more like me...
by Skyler September 14, 2004
The core of an irish catholic family. Synonymous with growing up with a large group of people who live in Southern California. Any time you make a descision and you immediately think of Bom Bom and Pops, you have discovered your inner-corbett.
"I'm going to the farmer's market on Saturday. Bom Bom always loved shopping for kielbasa there."
by Skyler July 12, 2004
Online username for the sexiest girl alive, who's initials are CNH. Usually friendly, plays various online games, perhaps you've seen her. Has the best possible personality and attitude that you could ever desire anyone to have.
<3 Chrissy
by Skyler April 30, 2004
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