A beautiful girl that everyone loves. She's funny, smart, cool, basically perfect.
Guy: If only Skye knew how much i care about her.

Guy 2: Same here.
by SkyeIsBeautiful September 07, 2010
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One of the most amazing and awesomest people in the world. She is sweet and fun and most of all loyal. She puts a smile on for you even if she's not feeling the happiest because she cares for your happiness more.
Look - there is my wonderful friend Skye. She always has a smile for me.
by Lbella February 01, 2010
so dang sexy all the guys love her and want to be with her. when she steps in the room everyone looks. every guy wants to be with her and every girl wants to BE her. she has a nice butt too and sexy dance moves. she's SO hot
Friend: "Duh, thats SKYE!"
Me: "I want her!"
Friend: "So does evrybody else"
by cooldude1098 August 24, 2009
A beautiful girl who thinks too much for her own good.
That reminds me of Skye.
by london bridge September 22, 2006
Skye. An amazing friend, an amazing person. Some people say nobody is perfect, but if you know Skye, then you know that's not true. She is the greatest friend you could ask for and her smile brightens the whole mood. She knows when you're feeling bad, or upset and just by smiling, she can turn your mood to happy. The bestest friend anyone could ask for, Skye is electrifying!
There's my best friend Skye ♥
by CreepyLaugh October 11, 2011
A girl who is desperate, for him to open his eyes....the one who just decides to hide away and do nothing about her true feelings - the really pretty girl, that does nothing but pride herself in thinking. She keeps her intuition tucked away so that her emotions won't strangle her. When, really she knows it's time to let go and admit that she wants this.
Skye is overwhelmed in her own thoughts again!

This girl makes guys go crazy and yet she always second guesses herself.
by Loveandcupcakes<33 March 02, 2010
The most beautiful island in the world. Found just off the North West coast of Scotland, where most of the time it rains - and if it isn't raining, it's bound to sometime that day. On the off chance it's sunny you'll find hordes of American tourists clambering off enormous American buses, clad in terribly unflattering shorts and looking disgusted when it rains a few seconds later. These type of tourists are usually greeted with derisive looks from the locals, who know better and are wearing oilskins and boots, or at least are carrying some form of waterproof clothing on their person.

Popular place for men to propose to their girlfriends, or go to for a romantic honeymoon. Lively nightlife on a Friday or Saturday, think whisky, pubs, occasional kilts and teuchy music.
People born and raised on Skye are known as Sgitheanachs, and are the friendliest people to be found in the world. Male sgitheanachs emit masculinity like there's no tomorrow and female sgitheanachs are stunning.
by Jessica Macdonald May 24, 2007

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