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A caring friend who is always there for you. She's has a smile that lights up the room. Just with a single smile it can make you feel much better. Is cautious over how she looks and never realizes how beautiful she actually is, inner and outer. She cant ever get enough of spending time with her family and friends. She is reserved and needs to stop bottling her feelings, and trusting others more. She keeps to herself and is always there for others when all she needs is someone for her. She always keeps a big smile on her face but underneath she's not always that happy cute girl she pretends to be. She concentrates in class and is continuously asking questions. She puts school before friends. She is a great secret keeper and someone to spill all your problems to. She is there when you need her and never gets sick of others and what you have got to say. Along with that she is a great socializer and a great party person.
Girl: I don't know what to do!
Skye: Don't worry, if it gets worse i'm here for you. Just go with it and if anything goes wrong, i'll be at home with the phone by my side.
by Abby Greenwood October 15, 2012
some one who is very sweet and generous. is very gorgeous she cares more about others than her self. she always puts her self last. skye is a kind hearted person. she is very outgoing she loves to flirt. A lot of guys like her. she is very funny. skye know how to have a good time. most people say a skye is very hard to explain.

so when you get a skye keep her close because good skye's are hard to find
sweet, kind, astounding ,cute,beautiful this is all skye. she is pretty amazing
by jessieica April 26, 2011
the highest, brightest and most wonderful thing a man can look up to each day
I look up to the Skye in amazement and feel my soul lift as my heart is filled with warmth.
by auspianoguy December 13, 2006
Usually a tall girl. She is a dancer or singer. (She enjoys "performing") Sometimes a Skye can be a bitch, but she can also be one of the most fun people to hang with. Skye is usually so funny it can make the people she knows pee there pants. She also has lots of anxiety but hides it so people don't realize. Overall a person named Skye has a great personality. She also has hung out with plenty famous people.
Person- Dang that girl seems so cool
Person 2- man she must be Skye
by ArianaGrande October 20, 2013
An intelligent, handsome, sophisticated man. Born in the late 1970s to hippie-like parents as a result of post-Vietnam peace and love, usually by means of a natural birth. A determined individual, Skye will usually be seen fighting for the little people and waging all anarchy against authority. When this person is not shooting guns, and obsessing over classic muscle cars, he can be seen helping old ladies cross the street, and going long lengths to give his friends a helping hand.
Skye is a freak show in the circus of love.
by wentalittletoofar June 22, 2009
Probably the biggest tomboy of a girl you're going to meet. Skye cuts her hair short and usually doesn't comb it either. She may or may not have a piercing or two, and if she does, they're bound to be in some weird-ass places. She can come across to those who don't know her as a total aesthetic mess, but don't tell that to her face. She'll kick your ass if you do, because did I mention she has a black belt?

Skye isn't one to talk about love, but she's got a thing for somebody; no doubt about that. And, chances are, that somebody's you.
Henry: Would you look at that, it's Skye. What a mess.
Luke: No kidding. That chick needs a shower.
Skye: *roundhouse kick*
by FrackLuke March 17, 2013
Starts of as a great friend who you can talk to no matter what then when you try to look out for her she turns into a complete bitch even when you try to apoligize
love you skye jk i wish you didnt hate me
by EatonA7X November 28, 2012