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The world's first, greatest and only 24-hour-a-day rolling news channel. Only it has commercials. And shit journalists with corporate agendas. Basically, the Western World's equivilent to Communist Chinese TV.
"And now on Sky News, there's trouble at our rival station BBC News 24. Hahaha! Serves them right. Ahem! Where was I?"
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
See fox news for more information. Toned down for the British who can't eat the pure BS on Fox.
Occasionally has a good story, as long as it doesn't interfer with Fox News agenda.
by Si July 21, 2004
The British News Channel that it controlled by the Americans and is payed for by the Arabs. It serves us a new scandal for every day of the week and the same advertisements every 5 minutes. Pretty much the same stories repeated throughout the day unless a war starts or a politician commits adultry.
David Cameron:"For fucks sake Barrack, this is the 6th time this conversation has happened"
Obama:"You're right David, how should we stop it?"
David Cameron:"Start a war?"
Obama:"Agreed, anything to stop Sky News from babbling about some dead blonde guy apparantly fucking 40 billion kids"
by Bragg have le swagg March 28, 2015
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