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Sky blue is a soft blue, it is for those type of girls that wanted blue, but dont want the actual color blue because its for guys.
Him: What's your favorit color ?
Her: Sky Blue.
Him: Why ?
Her: Because Blue is for guys.(:
by Homer Simpson Doll February 25, 2009
Sky Blue can mean anything positive. It is a state of mind.
1: Yo man how you feeling today?

2: Sky blue

1: Word
by gooocougssss November 15, 2010
the color that no crayon can capture. a color that is never the same everyday. it changes all the time. sky blue is the color of the sky. duh
person 1: what color do you think the sky is?
person 2: uh sky blue. why?
person 1:is there a crayon for it?
person 2: no. because the sky always changes color...dumbass
by manny.bby June 23, 2008
One of Earth's most beautiful colors. Imparts joy, hope, and reflection on the awesome beauty that surrounds us. A cloudless, azure sky is often compared to the color of skyblue.
The pond was reflecting the skyblue color from above, which made a perfect spot for taking a break from the day.
by Whippoorwill July 10, 2008