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A cunt that smells like a skunk.
Victim: Dude, I can't get this skunt smell off my fingers.
Friend: You need tomato juice to get that off.
by CaptainSwass December 04, 2012
9 6
(n/adj)Is a mixture between, Skank and Cunt.
Man your such a skunt.
by D-fry June 12, 2007
14 14
a girl who likes to have sex with different men.
any guy that has the name Mark.
silly girl who likes to be a little too flirtatious.
this is not really an offensive word, this word should only be used as a joke.
Hey look! I see a skunt. She's been flirting with that guy.
by macnurse June 14, 2011
0 1
The dark area between Hooks cheeks.
Hook pulled a moon and i got a glimpse of his Skunty
by scidbox May 19, 2011
0 1
The combination of a skanky cunt.

The epitome of a skanky girl that you know is a skank and a cunt.
That was definitely the party of the year, but that girl Katie is a total skunt!
by cherokeeniki December 09, 2010
1 2
1. A person who is a complete douche bag.

2. A woman's stinky vagina, similar to the smell of a skunk and a fishy twat. So smelly you will want to vomit on her face.
1. "God dude, your brother is such a fucking skunt..."

2. "Bitch, ur skunt smells so bad, i want to shove 100 car fresheners in it before i cut it off and throw it in the sewers..."
by TatsMcgee420 October 05, 2010
0 1
A bitch with a cunt that smells like a skunk
I'd hit that bitch", Friend: "Dude! she's a skunt
by Kid Viper July 05, 2010
0 1
Sk-uhh-nt; "Skunt" is a combination of the words "Skank" and "Cunt", both of which broadly describe the female population. "Skunt" refers to a woman, girl, or small female infant who projects the characteristics of a wild raccoon on a rampage; insane disorientation, whorish tendencies, vegetarian, snide bitch comments, and women who do not masturbate
Jeremy - "Man, let's go get some lunch with a woman, girl, or small female infant"

John - "No, they are all skunts"
by Sippnoninsulin April 07, 2010
2 3