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John Henson of the John Henson Show and Talk Soup. He's got a white streak of hair on the side of his head, thus, "Skunk Boy."
"That Skunk-Boy sure is one hot hunk of man."
by bluepez February 06, 2004
A boy/young man who lives in a skunk fueled haze.
Every day Pot Head.Person who when you meet them is always stoned from smoking skunk and shows no signs of ever stopping
by skunkboypete November 09, 2004
a man or women who has never been snip hunting and will eventualy end up chasing something that is obviously not a snip and will inturn get sprayed by a skunk
how dumb are u?... that was deffently not a snip... now u are known as skunk boy
by ej fisher January 18, 2007

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