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1. A type of canned food popularized by Mission Hill.
2. Junk, bullshit
3. Replacement for the word "bunk"
1. This skunch was on sale at the 99 cent store. It tastes horrible.
2. Quit talkin skunch.
3. That pot was skunch.
by bizdorph October 14, 2003
A word used to describe someone -usually a female, that is a skank, a cunt and a bitch all in one.
Man, I work with this chick named Laura, and she is such a skunch. I hate her.
#skank #cunt #bitch #cunch #skunt. aka scunch.
by Bitch-ho April 24, 2008
Noun: used to describe someone- usually a female, that is a skank, a cunt and a bitch all in one.
Man, I work with this chick named Laura, and she is such a skunch. I hate her.
#skank #cunt #bitch #cunch #skunt. aka: scunch
by Bitch-ho April 25, 2008
An adjective describing anything that is cliche cool, in a 'dark' or over-the-top way. Usually bad, but used very sparingly can be okay or even good.
"I just saw someone playing Ninja Blade. Black clad figure using swords and large vehicle mounted weaponry to take down over-the-top demons using various flourished kill scenes, it's literally all skunch. Eerily fun though..."
"I couldn't stand a single second of the last two Matrix movies, they took out all the good parts of the first and quickly pumped it with skunch."


-Bl@ck @gony
-Blood Sword Master

Game or from game examples:
-Ninja Blade

-Walking away from an explosion without looking.
-'Cool' one liners before winning
-Physics broken combat, usually long melee battles in the air.
#cool #cliche #dark #sknch #hidebound #uncreative
by Dementid February 10, 2011
a word used to describe a disgusting unidentifiable substance or situation
ie. the stuff in your mouth when you wake up in the morning - morning skunch, the watery stuff that comes out if you don't shake ketchup - ketchup skunch


when you wake up feeling heavy and hungry and stuffy and sweaty after a bad night "i feel skunchy this morning", or someone has really wet, dirty, smelly socks after walking home through slush "man, your socks are skunchy"
#disgusting #skunchy #morning breath #unidentifiable #substance
by Alilan March 17, 2006
A stupid skank cunt bitch.

*add "o" at the end, and it means a stupid skank cunt bitch-ho*
ex#1: The bitch who slept with your man.

ex#2: Paris Hilton.
Enough said.
#paris hilton #insults #burns #homewreckers #whores #ho's #jezabell #nasty
by And~Proud~Of~It July 23, 2012
1. First, one of the funniest words you'll ever hear.
2. Skunch is a word originally meaning Resin collected from a marijuana smoking apparatus. Since then, Skunch has come to be a lifestyle for some, reflecting around the idea that "you may not have much, but do what you can with it", based on the act of smoking Skunch. You may not have real weed, but you do have Skunch, so use it!
Skunchers are usually people with wide taste in music, although they favor real Punk and psychedelic music from the 60s-70s. Skunchers don't care what you think of them, they are blunt and to the point, dress however they want, and stay true to themselves. Drugs and psychedlia are a big part of Skunch culture, but not necessary to be Skunch.
1. SKUNCH! hahaha

2. Keep it Skunchin', when you smokin' some Skunch and drinkin' punch, roll with the punches and respect the Skunches, Straight Skunchin' all day. I spend my nights acting Skunch and spend my morning eating Captain Crunch.

"Did you see that guy walking up the street, he was truckin' and wearing a robe while smoking a blunt!"
"Must have been a Skunch"
#skuncher #skuncho #skunchorama #skunchtastic #skunchy #super skunch #keep it skunchin
by El Skuncho July 05, 2007
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