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A typical look of the haggard junkie, you see inhabiting all of our major cities.
Ian Brown is a typical skullface

As is Skeletor, but he has no skin.

See Gallowgate and Saltmarket areas of Glasgow for skullfaces in their natural habitat.
by El Salto of Garngad September 11, 2009
A woman, way past her prime, that frequents Rock and Biker bars in a desperate attempt to have fun. From the rear she looks deceivingly attractive but as you get closer and she turns around; Blamo! You see her face is weather beaten and drawn, like that of crypt keeper on meth.
This deception of beauty is achieved by wearing revealing clothing and wearing her hair long, to cover her hideously time worn face.
She dances on the bar drunk, searching for young attractive women to friend and steal their youth. She should be approached with caution like Medusa, never gaze into her sunken in eye sockets or accept a drink from her, then she will never leave.
While I was walking down the street I saw a hot chick up ahead, as I got closer she flipped her hair back and revealed her skullface. The icy stare from her sunken eyes and her toothless grin forced me to puke in the bushes nearby.
by Lord evil January 19, 2014
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