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A word used to describe a forceful zinger.
"Do you like cookies?"
"Does your mother like sex? BLAMO"
by SikkCaden December 28, 2009
communityesque messageboard dating back to the mid 1990s. originally a part of Smashing Pumpkins website "Siva," it has now morphed into an entity in and of itself. Many a friendships and even a couple of marriages have resulted from folks meeting on Blamo.
I couldn't sleep so I spent all of last night posting on Blamo.
by b0lly February 25, 2005
Due to a misspelling of LMAO, this term is used as an exclamation of laughter. best when used in all caps.
Guy: How is it possible that I can fall down the steps AND lose my pants?

Other Guy: Wow, Seriously?! BLAMO!!
by irishmoontan July 31, 2010
A word used to describe an illiterate, often extremely clingy and stupid in general, individual.
"Have you heard about that kid that calls himself Butterpants and thinks it's cool?"
"Hahah yeah, he's lame. He's blamo."
by jfag August 09, 2006
A definition used in Halo, usually said by a spazzy player who gets a shotgun kill, assassination, or perfect 'nade toss.
Blamo! You got owned!!!!!!
by LinksRevenge86 March 04, 2008

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