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The Country today is known as <<cough>> Macedonia.

But it's rightful name should be Skopia, in honor of it's capital.

More correctly it should be known as Vardarska

or slavomacedonian
I'm going to Skopia for business, as Greece owns most of the businesses there anyway.
by Sherman February 09, 2005
The wrongful spelling of a city called "Skopje", the capital city of the Republic of Macedonia. Skopje is a busting metropolis with near 700 000 citizens. It is the economic centre of Macedonia and it is a major trading centre in the Balkans. It is the birthplace of Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa, Skopje (wrongfully spelt Skopia)
by Steven Barnes February 25, 2006
A derogatory word which modern Greeks use as a an insult to the Republic of Macedonia on a political and social level. Not only is it racist and disrespectful but it is incorrect.

Little do most Greeks know, but when Greece forcefully renamed all of the Macedonian placenames in northern Greece (their Macedonian region) in the 1920s. They renamed one village to "Skopia", yet they use this as an insulting term for the Republic of Macedonia.
Modern GRK: So where are you from?
Mak: Macedonia
Modern GRK: Which one?
Mak: The republic
Modern GRK: Oh so you're from Skopia.
by mkdau November 27, 2007
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