Top Definition
1.verb: to smoke

2.noun: a cigarette, or fag.
1. i'm going to go for a skofe break.

did you see those excellent skofe rings?

she went to skofe a fag.

2. do you have a skofe?
by freesaffran January 02, 2008
Noun - 1. One who has achieved total nirvana, is savvy in everything he does and is most excellent indeed.
Adj. - 2. Completely and totally crazy-go-nuts.
3. All-knowing.
1. Wow, that guy was one of THE coolest people I've ever met, but he's got nothing on Skofes.
2. That DJ at the party last nightt was so Skofes!
3. Whoa, I never knew you were so Skofes.
by Skofes July 23, 2003
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