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An acronym that describes a person that generally hates the world, listens to loud emo or death metal and or metal, and wears black with spiked paraphernalia.(or chains)it is also necessary for them to do drugs or they are just emo or goth, not a skod

The acronym is

Skodtastic is also an adjective that describes skod activity
Duuude that skod totally smelled of weed and feces.
by Thomas Colville October 13, 2007
a word pronounced (skode) but this spelling refers to an acronym describing its meaning which is Scary Kids On Drugs. Meant for emo/goth/punk/rebel kids that wear chains on their pants and stay at school hours after its over to listen to screamo music, play acoustic guitar and SKOD it up together. Originated in california in the 80's but has found a home in present day suburban Minnesota as a common term among high school aged kids.
Dude the SKOD hallway has so many SKODs in it that the smell of unwashed bodies will probably never come out.
Hey look at all those chains on his pants and his anti-social behavior indicated by the headphones in his ears, He is definitely a SKOD.
by jamesskeezy February 22, 2009
It is an acronym used to describe a person that wears black, is angry at the world, and otherwise hates everyone

in extreme instances they cut, but is not necessary to cut to be a skod

the acronym is---
Wow that skod wreaks of weed and I think he just growled at me
by Big Papa Tom September 26, 2007
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