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A lower-working class young person, usually an adolescent living in South Manchester, UK. A true Skloid must live in public housing, wear branded sportswear, speak with a strong provincial accent and be poorly educated. Skloids are usually short and slight due to long-term malnourishment. The term is not to be confused with the more pejorative (and recent) 'Chav'; 'Skloid' is just a descriptive term, largely free of malice and social criticism. My first experience of 'Skloid' occurred in 1990, although it is rumoured to have been in use as early as 1980.

'Skloidal' is a commonly used adjective derived from 'Skloid': "What a skloidal kid."
Brian Harvey, formerly of East 17, is an archetypal Skloid; short, affable, uneducated, of blue collar stock and boasting a strong regional accent/dialect: "I fought dere'd be people be'ind trees slippin' you a pizza or summink."
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by Chauvin December 06, 2008
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