A skittle is an attractive girl. This includes all types of attractive such as hot, cute, pretty, gorgeous, etc.
Hey bro, check out that skittle, 3 'o clock!
by Brit Lit October 16, 2009
The best way to describe something that is: way better, cooler, nicer, or more awesome than any other object. Nothing beats something that is skittles.
Fifty-Fifty cars are so skittles in California!
by Christopher Adam Z. July 15, 2008
Another word for skills; having talent at a particular activity.
"Awesome dunk!"

"Yeah I got skittles"
by huge1 April 01, 2009
1. When your fart is interupted by a little piece of crap... usually the size of a marble or a large African beetle.
2. A delicious candy loved by all (but mostly gays)
(David) "I'm so happy! My mother bought me a chastity belt for my birthday!
(T) "Oh I can tell you're happy David because you just skittled your pants!"
(David) "Awww not again. This is the 3rd time this week!"
by attfone January 22, 2009
Skittle is a term meaning Skid, Scriptie, or Kiddy Scripter, used by 1337 h4x0r5.
Wolphie is a skittle - Nito
by Nito August 28, 2007
Fruity-flavored candy that allows you to taste the rainbow.
by sugarFREEK April 01, 2003
Skittle - Another word for skid, which is an acronym for script kiddy. l337 haxo0r talk.

Nito is a skittle - Wolphie
by Wolphie August 28, 2007

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