when some one is on Skype and flirting.

hence skype + flirting = skirting
"what were you doing last night?"

"skirting with Steve."
by miss_innocent20 April 18, 2010
Top Definition
To set out or depart from some place: go. Most likely used in a party setting where any number of factors may cause you to want to leave (such as a sausage fest, lack of beers, people who aren't as cool as you are, etc.).
Man, this party sucks ass...we're skirting.

"We're about to get outta here."
"You're skirting?"
"Yea, this place blows."
by lankysob April 19, 2005
The act of using a camera phone to take a picture of a girl's panties under her skirt, or with her legs spread open.
"I got some good skirting today in philosophy class. I'll send you the picture of Tori's red panties."
by Jackel August 31, 2005
When a randomer has the urge to shove his/her fist inside the genitals of a person wearing a skirt.
Corrr look at that babe in the skirt.
-Ite darlin', fancy a skirting?
by Naifen December 02, 2007
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