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1. Any of various fishes that leap above the surface of the water, as a tuna or bonito, that tastes like peanut butter and/or sticks to the roof of your mouth.

2. A brand of peanut butter made with skippyjack fish.

3. A dork of an individual named Jack, Jackie or Jacqueline that skips rather than walks everywhere they go.
1. Crap, I got a skippyjack and jellyfish sandwich...AGAIN.

2. Mom, can I add a jar of Skippyjack to our grocery list?

3. You sure are a dork, Skippyjack.
by jacktheskipper August 18, 2011
A cute young girl, usually under age 18.
"Look, there's a cute 'Skippyjack', wow, she's going to make one hot "Skipperjack" some day".

girl Skipperjack Flappyjack female cute girl Wilbur
by Poonie Pie October 14, 2011
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