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A cute girl or woman, or "hot" female. Name started about 30 years ago about 1981. After learning in my video production class the names of cables and connectors, that a "Jack" was actually a female connector as they said, remember a "Jack is really a "Jill". Then driving on my way home with a friend and waiting at a stop light a girl was skipping accross in front of us in the crosswalk. I said, "Look it's a Jack!" My friend said, "It's a Skipperjack!" From then on all my friends call cute girls "Skipperjacks". Looking for girls can be called going "Skipperjacking".
"Wow look, she's a Skipperjack" "Boy, I met a really nice little Skipperjack last night".

girl woman babe Hottie hot date girlfriend lover
babe-u-lour booty
by Poonie Pie October 14, 2011

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