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Usually refers to someone who is tall, pale and awkward. The diet of a skindog is fairly plain, they eat a lot of bacon and eggs, and require a condiment with every meal. Most are obsessed with computers and video games, they would make love to a megabyte if they could. One skill a skindog does possess is the ability to instantly recite extended lengths of movie quotes and music lyrics, some believe it is a form of autism. A skindog is usually a neutral party rarely taking a side in an argument, they love to wear comfy socks and are proud to wear hats backwards. They usually try to deny skindog as their own moniker and will go to great efforts to persuade others of this, but fail every-time.
That guy Dave is the original skindog, just have a look at him, he loves it!
by The wiz of wisdom November 14, 2010
a person, usally a male, who just loves sex, cannot think of anything else. Also known as a sex addict.
"That guy just can't think of anything but getting laid. he's such a skin dog."
by Andrew Bowlby December 18, 2005
one who has little or no hair on their body.
Person A - hey did you see that guys balls he has like no pubes.

Person B - Yeah i know he's such a Skindog
by MCMADCUNT March 23, 2009

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