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one who dress as a combination of Indie, Ska, Punk, and Skindhead. Whom is also straightedge. Originated in Whittier, California on 12/12/2010
Scott, Joardan, and Ulisses
do: wear plaion shirts, button ups, boots/creepers, polos, thrashed shoes, dark colored pants, starightedge, dark colored jackets, dark colored phadora/ivy league hats, Patrol caps, Blazers, listen to Ska/indie/punk/reggae/alternative, and indie haircut?buzzedhead/mohawks not gelled.

Dont: no white shoes, no checkered flannels, no rasicm/religous persecution, no rolling up pants(unless you wear boots, or aproved by skindiihead founders)
by skindiihead\m/ December 12, 2010
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