Any part of the body that can be penetrated by a male penis
If you drop the soap another inmate may put his wang in your skin pocket
by merman24000 March 09, 2012
Top Definition
a vagina and or female orifice.
Stick this in your skin pocket!
by jb9 October 21, 2008
1. noun: A surgically-implanted, thin, fabric like material, solid to prevent leakage (important in a skin pocket), found between the epidermis and dermis, that forms an opening along the length of the leg or chest, usually used to store everyday items (cell phones, wallets, ipods, etc.) so one does not have to wear pants; extremely practical for the everday man and woman, but NOT for the someday man and woman. Formed only if one commits oneself to evolute.
Dude, I evoluted some skin pockets. cheek cheek boom.
by slydevilly March 22, 2012
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