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The not-so-legendary pirate & gay cousin of Black Beard. Known for his love of the white frothy seas, Skin Beard is renowned for his looks - The scrotum chin, unbound by the traditional beard.
Bro #1 - Does that man have a...Ball sack for a chin?

Bro #2 - Muthafucka, that's Skin Beard. Don't say anything in front of him though, he's sensitive about it.
by Dracotic January 21, 2011

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An other term for a scrotum.
Dude, check out this gay porn...There's a guy that's contact juggling a black man's skin beard...
by Dracotic September 25, 2010
The scrotum, as it is stretched tightly across another person's chin, is known as a skin beard
Dude #1: "Hey, I saw a porno where a guy totally gave a girl a skin beard!"

Dude #2: "You mean he stretched his scrotum tightly across her chin?"

Dude #1: "Yes. What are you, Definition Man?"
by texfarmer February 12, 2011