someone who pretends to be 100 times cooler than they actually are. usually this side of a person comes out when they are drunk (after one beer). also can be confused for "that guy" except that guys stories are usually credible and interesting. the skewtch lacks no talent or ability to serve usefull purpose to a party. they will get in as many pictures as possible with you often making a messed up face giving the impression they are piss drunk despite the fact they are half way done with their first Mikes Hard lemonade and not even buzzed in the slightest. typical wardrobe often includes: collared shirt, "dress shoes", leather bomber jacket (in july), acid wash jeans, any jewelry made of "hemp", and a digital camera affixed permanantly to their left hand to snag as many new myspace pics with their new "friends" as possible.
==can also be used in substitute for relatively any word in a sentance when speaking of the person who is the "skewtch"
Brad: hey where is Dave today?
Mike: I heard he is trying to Skewtch with that hot chick from his bio class

Brad: (after 10 drinks) Man i am going to get so much ass tonight..those ladies are all over me
Kyle: stop beign a skewtch
by clam boy November 27, 2006
a little scooter intended for children
my 4 year old son got a new skewtch
by Ryan Burdenson December 06, 2006
a little mark on teh back of a guitar from your belt
yo this guitar was brand new but after all my rocking the back has skewtch on it
by frank0 December 06, 2006
the ultimate dude. YOOO THAT SKEWTCH IS ILL
yo that kids the skewtch!
by billy M December 06, 2006

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