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A person who is Scene and Ghetto Fabulous.
Mary- Hey i love ur skinny Jeans and sll the bright colors you were
Jack- Dats Gucci Hoe! dae match mii Air Forces! Im soo Sketto
by Draven Locklear March 03, 2011
When something seems really sketch and ghetto at the same time.
Wow this place is sketto.
by A. Rose October 10, 2009
Sket - Super ho
sketto - same but nang
"look at all do's skettos in da ghetto!"
by Jonnyboi! September 01, 2005
when a person is trying to act ghetto, and skater at the same time
zoo york- this company trys to suck in skater kids, yet all there stuff is ghetto-esc, hence sketto

rob dyrdek(from rob and big)- professional skater, yet trys to act ghetto, and wears ghetto clothing
by kcoop August 21, 2008
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