A combination of Sketchy (dubious) and sleazy(dirty or vulgar)
That middle-aged man hanging outside the high school parking lot was majorly skeezy
by Werd December 08, 2002
Top Definition
Shabby, dirty, and vulgar; tawdry
Veronica remarked, "That bitch was straight up skeezy."
by Smartie May 15, 2004
The quality of being sketchy or of dubious origin. A skeezy guy is the kind that you're not quite sure where they came from, but they tend to be the oily, used car salesman types. A skeezy chick shares the dubious origin, and is likely the kind you find passed out at a party or in a bar that when she wakes up, goes home with the nearest guy.

Additionally, objects can be skeezy, especially foods and furniture. Skeezy foods are the kind that could be perfectly safe and just smell funny, or be so old and grotesque that you'll die from eating it. Skeezy furniture is the kind that bums sleep on or is in common areas that people are known to have sex in.
Dude, I wouldn't ask that guy for directions, he looks kinda skeezy.

I totally took home that Brittany chick from our Lit class.
Brittany? That girl is pretty skeezy, you might wanna go get tested.

Man, Anya eats these skeezy cheeses that I can't describe.

Whoa, I wouldn't sit there, that couch is kinda skeezy.
by JossyWheckadoniaca May 22, 2009
Both Skanky and Sleezy, Skeezy is an adjective to describe only the most heinous of dirty skanks. Skeezy people can often be identified by their constant unwanted stories, smell, and visible STDs. You can tell if someone is truly Skeezy by calling them a skank, and seeing if they take it as a compliment.
1) That skeezy ho was gonna sleep with a dude 30 years older than her, who she has never met.
2) Dude, you can see her herpes creeping up her belly, what a skeezy ho.
3) Ali. Nuff Said.
by White Bear March 21, 2005
a mix of sketchy and sleezy
He kept repeating that nothing happened when it did, he's hellof skeezy.
by paella December 18, 2005
a person that is under-handed in their conduct: steels, lies, cheets, and manipulates.
Cheeting in a card game just because you can is skeezy.
Lieing out of greed is skeezy.
Manipulating person is skeezy.
by nikki_mon February 13, 2008
The term for the amazing disc jock, DJ Skeezy. Also referred to as a gay porn website that DJ Skeezy pranks people with.
Yo, DJ Skeezy is comin to ma skool dance! Check out his awesome mixes at Divinity Entertainment!
by SkeezyWasHere March 14, 2010
street slang used by drug dealers and buyers to refer to digital scales used for weighing out product
"yo nigga you ain't seeing no money till I see that shit on a skeezy"

"you better skeez that shit out man it looks short"

"When you got a real connect you buy lbs of that haze and you never even need a skeezy"
by wza August 05, 2005
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