1. both skanky and beezy combined

- noun.
2. a person who is a skank, whore, slut, tramp, or cunt while being a beezy, AKA Bitch.

3. of having the qualities of a skeezy

4. The act of doing what a skeezy would do

5. doing an action very slutfully or bitchy
1. That skeezy skeez is skeezly skeeying.

2. Chantelle is a skeezy for hooking up with that guy.

3. Your skimpy skirt and large amount of cleavage is looks very skeezy.

4. Chantelle is skeezying herself around and about soon to catch a STD.

5. She is skeezly screwing everything possible that has a dick.
by Selena Gallardo August 23, 2008
Sexy and crazy. A term used to describe moments that are both exciting and unbelievable, or extremely attractive women... or the actions that men are willing to perform to obtain those women.
Fred: Damn, look at her, she's so hot.
Joseph: We about to get skeezy on her right now!
by Mauro2524 September 24, 2011
slut, a woman or man (most often woman) who is promiscuious or sleeps a round
yo, did you get it in wit dat skeezy last night
by Nikita-d June 21, 2006
A new term for those who smoke marijuana. Often used as a name for one who takes a massive hit.
Phil: Man Paul, that was a skeezy hit!
Paul: (coughing) Yeah that was skeezy wasn't it? (cough)
Phil: Oh my God! (waves hands) I'm inveloped in your cloud of skeeze! You skeezy bastard!
by Paul E. S. January 09, 2006
A combination of Sketchy (dubious) and sleazy(dirty or vulgar)
That middle-aged man hanging outside the high school parking lot was majorly skeezy
by Werd December 08, 2002

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