Term used by a large black man on Jerry Springer to describe a fat, ugly trailer trash female who was banging her newphew
Black Guy - "You a dirty Skeezer!"
by Fraser November 18, 2004
One who is sleazy, scuzzy, dirty, etc.
Man, that guy is such a skeezer.
by rosy October 14, 2004
A beautiful sorrel quarter horse gelding with a wonderful, playful disposition.
Skeezer and I went on a trail ride today.
by Beth Meisel May 13, 2004
1.A person who moves in a slow motion lacking excitment. They take their time as if they have forever.
2.a person your age who reminds you or resembles an elderly person
3.a person who dresses in a much older some what boring fashion
Speed it up you old skeezer!!!
by Amanda Cal_ August 17, 2008
1.a hoe who likes skeet, or it is also a sexual active woman or girl who takes part in giving head and likes to swallow skeet
2.a sexually active woman (ho) who has sex all the time and only enjoys the skeet/ejaculation part
That ho over there is such a skeezer, she can't get herself enough skeet.
by rah rah March 18, 2006
A skeezer is a gold digger, a ho, a female con artist (figuratively or literally), or in general, a woman with low morals who is out to extract money from others through shady means.
That skeezer tried to jack my watch, my ring, my wallet, and my gun!
by Bruce Bentley January 02, 2006
From L.Frank Baum's book "Glinda the Good" the last of 14 Oz books. The Skeezers lived on the Magic Isle of Skeezers which is a glass domed city that can be fully submerged when necasary. They were at war with the flatheads and entrapped Princess Dorothy and Princess Ozma of OZ.
"The Skeezers are led by a domineering young queen, who has a dark secret"
(possibly the origin of the modern term????)
by Judy December 03, 2004
Skeezer, Abrv - Skeez whore. A girl that moves the block, like a crackhead. A smut-dog.
Peanut butter legs! A easy girl. A Skeezer.
by dgreenii November 08, 2006
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