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A nasty tricked out skank who needs to be kept on a leash.
Bino, yur gf, Amanda Anello, is such a skeewop.
by mandafbabyyx June 26, 2009
a female, a slutty girl who has obviously been around and enjoys being a skank. a skeewop typically has more than 1000 facebook pictures (the majority of which are of themselves being annoying and skanky) they frequent "skeewop watering holes" where they enjoy getting shitfaced and having std-filled sex with several gentlemen as well as women
'dude let's go on a skeewop safari!'
by whodatguy August 11, 2009
A ship builder, or one who works about a ship. Does wood carpentry on the ship and keeps ships faired. Builds launching ways and launches ship.
tha' young skeewop makes a fine ship arrr
by burntmustard June 13, 2011
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