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A person that creeps or awkwardly lurks about, usually in a pedophile sort of way. Someone who also makes crude or awkward comments that make others feel uncomfortable in a group.
Jessica: That guy is watching us through have sex through the window.
James: He's such a skeever!
by Kaka8 October 29, 2010
A person who tries to get the most out of every situation even though he/she is not entitled to it or contributes enough to deserve it.
"Dude, you're gonna take 4 hits off the joint and pretend like I didn't notice even though you didn't throw money for bud? Stop being a skeever."

Skeever: "Fuck, they're catching on... maybe if I buy the dutch it'll throw them off."
by Planet Paul October 11, 2012
A person who gets with people younger than them. Usually Guys. If a person gets with someone younger than them, they are skeeving.

Plural: Skeevers
Verb From: Skeeve
Zach is such a skeever, Sammi is two years younger than him.
by colew44 August 12, 2014
someone who is really gross. almost slimy gross. usually dresses really bad.
kevin federline is such a skeever.
by Smack13 November 23, 2005
ultimate pot head, an individual who will never be over come by marijuana, will mcguyver random things to smoke out of, extremely talkative, random knowledge about weed ,will do watever it takes to get high
dood1 "d0od you wanna check out his bong i made out of bowling pin wth a turbocharger i made out of a mini hairspray bottle i put a percolator in the bottom "

dood2"wtf man"

dood1 "yeah bro see the turbo charger help filter the smoke and also catches the ash so your water just gets ressed instead of dirty and the perc......"

dood2(to dood3) "wtf is he talking about?"

d00d3 " skeever"
by DR. M.j Budski November 02, 2010
man, that kid who smokes alot of pot is a madd skeever.
by Anonymous May 06, 2003