The act of performing various stunts on a rectangular piece of wood with wheels. Skateboards are small and portable, but suck as transportation, as opposed to bikes.
A hobby, NOT a sport.
by AmberAlmighty January 27, 2005
A crime.
'Skateboarding is not a crime' was emblazoned upon the poseur's black t-shirt in perfect white letters, and a brand new deck was hanging limply in his feminine hands.
by nihil8r March 12, 2004
The item that gets you hot girls and money and fame.
Lets go skateboarding.
by cameron August 29, 2003
Probably one of the dumbest sports made. A piece of wood being thrown around a foot off the ground isn't much of a "sport" to me. Cheerleading is more of a sport than this pathetic excuse of a sport. And will someone please tell me the logic behind the name. What part of skateboarding involves "skate" or "skating".? I mean i get the boarding part cause there on a board but in no way does this sport closely resemble skating. I'm from Canada and I'm pretty sure I know what skating looks like and thats the farthest thing from it. They should change the name to woodpusher, it would make a lot more sense.
"I want to try a sport where it requires little intelligence and any pansy can do, so i started skateboarding"
by B-rent15 September 26, 2007
Well wood pushing(skateboarding) is gay cuz everyone does it and u dont go that big at all. By what im sayin its easy to tell that i rollerblade. U can say rollerblading is easy, but thats the point cuz working on 2 stairs is gay and doesnt seem to impress most. There u go fagety ass skate boarders.
#1-Hi brucy,are u gunna be gay today?
#2-Ya im gunna go skateboarding! how did u kno?
#1-Oh well thats easy to tell cuz i see poo marks on the nose of your board.
#2-Oh i see, i wish i could be cool and rollerblade like u!
by Dakota from Montana September 04, 2006
for faggits who can't take the slams of a rollerblader
what does skateboarding and tampons have in common? they both have to do with pussies. go buy some skates motherfuckers
by AdamW August 20, 2006
skateboarding is gay and people only do it to try and get girls and be cool!which there not.. if u want to know a cool sport do BMX.its a lot better than skakteboarding.
"Im cool because i skateboard. u see this scar, i got it from trying to kickflip a set of stairs.o by the way i really got this scar from playing with my self"
by ur mom has it March 13, 2005

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