skateboarding is not a sport its something we do to have fun cause its the only thing we can do gay posers go and buy target boards with there parents money and they dont know what a "set" means
skater:hey jump that 5 set

poser:what the hell is a set, do you like my target skateboard and my abercrombie skateboarding shirt
by skateordie666 March 03, 2007
an art not a sport. skateboards are a deck with weels and trucks and tricks are done
holla to the locals at the andover skate park
by corey p July 22, 2003
One of the best sports in the world, BMX and Aggressive Inline coming in second. They usually get along but sometimes they get in each others way and fights get started. But other than that, those 3 sports are misunderstood and considered a menace to society, especially skateboarding. Contrary to that belief, real skaters, bmxers and rollerbladers are the nicest people you will ever meet. They are also the most determined and hardworking athletes ever. And yes, all three are better than football, baseball or any team sport.

Go skate!
Skater : Hey dude, that tailwhip on the funbox was sick.

BMX dude : Thanks! That tre flip down the stairs was pretty gnarly as well!

by jjutt July 22, 2011
Skating is an extreme sport a lifestyle , free expression or an art form and a lot of people don't understand that . As a skater I get lots of criticism, not only from Police but even my teachers. Because with most people the first thing that comes to mind about us skaters is that were low-life scums. Well I know I'm not and that my "Skate Crew" isn't but some are and those guys are the people that give us a bad name
Most people think of skaters as "Rejects". Skateboarding also makes people feel happy and it's also something you can do by yourself but with people.
by drunk_ninja_skater January 12, 2010
The act of riding a skateboard.
Hey, you're skateboarding, can you do a kickflip?
by Bonky Dirkett November 16, 2008
A code word used for porn when surrounded by people who you don't want to know what your talking about.
Hey did you watch the amateur skateboarding last night?" "Yeah dude did you see the female? She was going up and down that ramp (penis) really fast like a pro!
by Predictable the penguin November 10, 2010
Best sport ever. not really a sport. Fucked up because of companys like ATTICUS, World Industries. Ruined in the advertising world. If you really skate though you can just ignore it. Companys like Natural Koncept, Zoo York, And plenty of others are keeping it real. Whoever said it was ruined by the advertising completely is retarded, they just dont know the real shit.
Skateboarding is not all about lips down 15 stairs, keep up the flowing lines.
by reedcp December 21, 2004
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