the best sport ever, and yes its a sport. freedom. sport with no boundaries, rules, or limits. do whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want. no stupid coach to yell at you, and no stupid uniform. i do it for the thrill, not for fame,money,or chicks. people who do it for those reasons are just posers. and its way better than bmx. fuck metal molesters. skaters are stereotyped as dilinquents, but were not. theyre also stereotyped as having piercings, and died hair, and listening to punk music, but thats not me. i dont even listen to punk. its stupid. and i hate posers.
skateboarding is mankinds greatest invention. sk8 4 lyf
by MetallilbangeR April 03, 2005
Im not here to convince you that skateboarding is good or bad. I'm just going to tell you my story, and leave you to draw your own conclusions. Even though it may sound played out, skateboarding truly is a way of life. I get the illest vibe just skating down the street, cruising. The long summer days and endless nights spent with your boys at your favorite spot, just skating. Every stressful thought, all your concerns and sadness dissapear as you become the happiest person in the world, steadily skating with a grin on your face. its days like this that stick with me forever. every ledge is butter. all your tricks are crisp. Laughing with your friends with a boombox, skating untill the sun goes down. It didnt matter what you wore, wether it be tight shirts or baggy pants. wether you listened to punk or hip-hop. We were skaters. we were all united by one thing: our passion for fun, and our love for the game. People look at us like were from a different planet, quietly wondering how we can have so much control over anything with only our feet. They dont understand, and shoot us with nasty looks, but we know better. just keep skating and life will play out for the better. Just know that if you keep pouring your efforts and energy twords it, it will return the favor. Looking back on the years spent, its beautiful to recall the nights spent focused on nailing that trick. nothing else mattered. And once you landed it, you just smiled and moved on to the next trick. then maybe next week you took it down some stairs. people watch and recognize the vibe. some get it. some dont. it doesnt matter. skateboarding is the richest and most beautiful journey if ever traveled, and is accountable for some of my fondest memories.

DGK all day...
by sdfasdfsadfasdfasd January 06, 2008
A artform that portaits a person's attitude and there peronality. It requeres the full co-operation of a persons body and mind to be able to express yourself. In the end you must overcome your fears to push for your goals.
If your looking skateboarding up then you are obviously not a real skater. Now go out and skate!
by Fire_914 February 08, 2004
a way of life, how you live, what you breath, everything you cherish, all that you love, skating is everything, its how we live, its something we need, something you cant live without, essential as my heart and brain, skaters love to skate and not "pose as skaters", a real skater just strives to get better, already great at it or just starting, real skaters skat all day and do it because they want to and need to, real skaters help anyone that wants to learn................. SKATING IS A LIFE LONG JOURNEY THAT YOU WILL NEVER FINISH, YOU WILL ONLY GET BETTER, BUT AS U GET BETTER, THE FINISH LINE STAYS THE SAME DISTANCE AWAY, EVERYTIME YOU LAND A TRICK, YOU LEARN OF A NEW ONE U HAVE NEVER HEARD OF. THE JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES, BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP...................
i love skateboarding, its my life man!
by skateordie4ever April 23, 2007
skateboarding is not an art or an sport it is nothing really there is no definition for skateboarding all skateboarding is a hell of a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Lets go skateboarding"

"Hell yeah, skateboarding rules!"
by qwertysskater May 25, 2006
A sport based on an athlete riding upon a wide, flat piece of wood with four wheels connected to the bottom. It is both a transportation method, as well as an art form/competitive style event. However, the novelty of skateboarding was obliterated during the turn of the 21st century as a result of several components including;
(1) Clothing brands, fashion accessories
(2) Skater-Punk music (i.e. Avril Lavinge)
(3) A stereotype tab that could be easily manipulated by the media to target teenagers (i.e. anti-drug advertisements, soda commercials)
(4) Video Games (i.e. Tony Hawk's series)
(5) MTV
(and much, much, much more)

Now, skateboarding, the "poseur"'s culture, has been reduced to something of a shambles, something that is despised by everyone. In turn of the culture being ripped apart so harshly by over-exposure, the sport itself is being thought of the same way.

And that is just goddamn wrong.

Maybe someday skateboarding will not have the strings attached to it, the aesthetic expectations, and the millions of rebellious children sucking on its proverbial teats. Hopefully pride will be restored to the once non-conformist sport.
Person A: Only poseurs go skateboarding.

Person B: That's what happens to the public's opinion when something is overexposed and milked dry.
by robots on parade August 22, 2004
Skating to me is a way to relax, and it definitely rox! You get yourself away from the stress and it kicks ass! It's really fun, and really awesome to try to do.
If you're feelin bad pick up ur dam board and go skateboarding!
by Katyroxx July 26, 2006
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