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Like Newfies and Brunsies, the people from Saskatchewan are Skatchies.
I'm a Skatchie, not a Saskatchewanian, and I have worked as a tree planter, oil rigger, farmer and a rancher. I wear a bunnyhug, not a hoodie! I drive a skidoo in the winter, and the summer I use many forms of transportation, though mainly a quad or motorcycle. I cheer for the Roughriders, whether they win or loose! I complain in the summer becuase its too hot, and I complain in the winter because its too cold. I complain when theres no rain, and I complain when theres too much. Yes I do know Jimmy and Alice from Moose Jaw, and I happen to be related to someone who has a cousin who is related to them. I wear trucker hats not because of Ashton Kutcher, and I carry a rifle in my pickup not because I plan on knocking off a 7-11, but incase I see a cyote, porcupine, badger... or the occasional gopher. My name is Doug, and I am a Skatchie!
by jdk033 June 12, 2006

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