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A grossly promiscuous (in both action and physical appearance) person known to many people within an area. More than just a regular Skank; they are the supreme Skank.
"Uh, oh . . . that Skankzilla looks like she's about to attack all the frat boys of University Avenue!"
by Rufus P. Watkins March 08, 2006
an enormously large woman, willing to fuck anyone in sight.
"Hey Brandon, when did you break up with that skankzilla Jaquie Phillips?"
by hmarr74 May 25, 2009
One who is proficient in the art of skankiness.
Misia is a skankzilla.
by h4zin March 24, 2003
1) One who fiends for the cock, to find and seek the cock and are above average tall and has a fear for Hispanics or Italian mixes in hindsight of Asians.

2) Overly tanned gigantors who love penis.

3) females with prior strip club experience
Kylie Alexis Hudson is a skankzilla.
by angryshortlilperson February 17, 2014
a girl who is a big slut && will try and get with everyone's man
Sherri is known as skankzilla in New Jersey
by sicilianmamii August 18, 2008
the skankiest people imaginable that a lizard is more attractive
Bob: who is that skank
Joe: thats not a skank paris hilton is a skank, thats skankzilla!

Bob: holy shit shes married?!
Joe: yep to a dumbass named Brandon half a fag Griffin
Bob:what a dumb cunt
by asshole since birth November 01, 2010
A dirty, dirty whore. That experiaments with the same sex. And in some cases Animals.
Rheanna Sharp is the biggest skankzilla ever.She banged a puppy before!
by Sharkcheater August 07, 2005
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