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Any girl who drives a Grand-Am with a Dale Earnhardt sticker, smokes with the windows up, and wears an anklet.
That girl Cookie that live up the street is such a skanklet.
by ohashala May 04, 2010
A tatoo that wraps around the ankle of a woman.
Look at the skanklet on that biker chick.
by littleteethkeith August 10, 2008
A skank who has thrown herself around a man's leg in an effort to keep him from leaving her.
After Jim found out that his hobag wife cheated on him, he busted straight for the do' but before he knew it, his progress was impeded by the skanklet that he suddenly found himself wearing.
by advancedLexicon October 20, 2008
The children of a Skank
"Rhonda took her skanklets to the park"
by AnnaHobag May 06, 2009
A person who could possibly grow up to be a skank. A skanky person.
Alex is such a skanklet, she yelled at me today for no reason so I put my gat to her skull and told her what to do.
by Axonopodiz February 08, 2007

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