A term used in anger or shock to describe an "OMG", "WTF", or "Damnit" moment.
"Man, Skankin' Pickles!"
by pickle lovers May 23, 2012
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Skankin Pickle the former name of the best ska band ever. Some of their most known songs Pabu Boy, I missed the bus, Asian Man, & Fakin Jamaican!

They are nown known as "The Bruce Lee Band"
I listened to skankin Pickle all night, and skanked till it hurt.
by lilmic33 April 20, 2005
Skankin pickle are a kick ass ska band.
''i missed the bus again''-skankin pickle
ahh dude, i went to a skankin pickle concert last night, that band is so sweet
by rude girl July 14, 2004
Not only is Skankin' Pickle a freaking awesome ska band it is also used to mean cool or sweet.
Also used to describe someone, a pronoun if you will.
Student 1:I just got an A on my final in Trig.

Student 2:Skankin' pickle.

You're skankin' pickle.
by Prez December 30, 2004

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