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Not only is Skankin' Pickle a freaking awesome ska band it is also used to mean cool or sweet.
Also used to describe someone, a pronoun if you will.
Student 1:I just got an A on my final in Trig.

Student 2:Skankin' pickle.

You're skankin' pickle.
by Prez December 30, 2004
The breasts of a crackhead. Usually floppy, saggy, etc. Droopy nipples are applicable.
1. Check out the crackbags on Jeanine. Looks like two trash bags with brake shoes in 'em.
by Prez July 14, 2004
(A) Having an overabundance of r0x0r.
1. omg that's r0x0rful as a mfer
by Prez April 26, 2004
1)One whom is constantly slapped in the face with a penis.
2)An extremely ugly looking person, who looks as if they suffer from being such.
1)"Jamie is such a nympho dick chisel."
2)"That fucking dick chisel looks like she got ran over by a mack truck. Whore."
by Prez March 20, 2004
Fuckbuddy with an emotional complex towards you, often portraying flaws of a "wife" or "husband", the level that comes after lover.
Bob:"After we fucked for three times, she started acting like she was my lover or something."
Bib:"....You're married."
Bob:"Yeah, that's the part that made it suck."
by Prez March 22, 2004
Incredibly cheap drink that comes in more flavors than even Foodmax could stock at once. A Jones Soda alternative, without the glass and bottle cap.
"Dude, do you know that you can buy 2 liters of Faygo for, like, 50 cents?"
by Prez March 22, 2004
1. Working the corner.
2. The act of staring at a girl that you have no chance of getting.
1. She is always sluttering after work.
2. "Dude, stop sluttering. You're drooling on my paper."
by Prez December 30, 2004
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