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African Word Meaning "Bitch Please".
Skank-a-doodle, shut yo mouf
by Pimp Master Chong-o May 20, 2004
adj or noun - A woman who is clueless, lazy, submissive, and will do anything to get ahead in life without having to work for it.
girl #1: "Ugh I cant stand that girl! She doesnt know what she's talking about!"
girl #2: "I don't know HOW she got this job!"
girl #1: "Yeah, she must be doing SOMETHING right!"
girl #2: "Skankadoodle!"
by GeneralSlim April 16, 2009
A woman or man that is very flirtacious or has sex w/ every1.
A prostitute is a skankadoodle.
by Erica A. May 27, 2010