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To be a slut but a cute slut.
Lindsey Lohan is such a Skank Muffin
by Surcharge May 10, 2009
a term simply defined by these two parts:
Skank - whore
Muffin - something sweet, unless its Bran. No one likes Bran. Skankmuffins are bran.
Molly is such a skankmuffin.
by Yeahyouwerethinkingittooo November 26, 2010
1. A whore.
2. A nasty whore.
3. A word that rolls directly off the tounge into anothers ears. No one wants to be called a skankmuffin because skankmuffins are disgusting. So disgusting they only prostitute themselves to fat lazy asians who are short and have braces.
Person 1: i fell!
Person 2: haha. get up. you'll look like a skankmuffin
Person 1: but what if i wanna look like a skankmuffin
Person 2: u don't. there nasty. like they are fat asian hooker nasty.
Person 1:oh god you got me coughing now bitch
Person 2:that's why you don't wanna lay in the floor coughing. because you'd look like a skankmuffin having an orgasm
by Carl Shwarts December 18, 2010
Skank muffin- A whore who is a total bitch and slaps the reciever of sex after the intercourse. She also has mant=y tattos and peircings. They also must grow up in the streets of Philly, Broklyn, or Compton.
The skank muffin jump across the street and slapped the pimp.
by yindidlefidle January 24, 2012
skankmuffin is one of my favorite words. I just take an offensive word such as: honkey, slut, skank, bum or whore and add something sweet on the end.
person 1: hey i want in ur pants.
Person 2: Nah ur juss a skankmuffin.
Person 1: ur such a bitch.
Person2: Yes well ur a skank muffin
=] juss a word i made up that everyone is usin now.
by Lick my scrodum June 05, 2008
a fruitalitious hoe-bag that likes to eat jellybeans with peanutbutter while giving someone a Hot-Carl
omg Zakk is such a skank muffin!!!
by Jessi Leigh Copeland April 06, 2007
when about ready to have sex, the guy aims his dick (penis) towards the girl vagina and when about to have sexual intercourse the woman queifs then the guy trys to find something to plug the hole and finds a muffin.
OMG she is a skank muffin
by frankenstein sucks dick July 07, 2010

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