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A drunken walk that imitates the look of rare and endangered birds.

see also: skaggle'n
Willem skaggled over to his friends.

"I'm skaggle'n right now".
by New World Odor September 12, 2007
A gaggle of skanks. A group of loose, sluty women.
I saw Justin leaving the club with a nasty looking skaggle.
by zen2go August 23, 2012
Skaggle (ská glé) adj.

Skaggle, to call someone a skaggle is the equivalent of calling someone a junkie, pillhead, crackhead, meth addict, etc.

A general terminology for the everyday sorry loser, the bum with ripped jeans, the kid from the alley, the one armed pill junkie, the listerine addict . . . the comparisons can go on for infinity, but in all equality a skaggle really is just a skaggle, to be called a skaggle is without a doubt one of the lowest statements that can be given to an individual.

Can also be used in the form of "Skaggle'n" or "Skaggling" which is used to describe a somewhat state of party/intoxication.
"Your A Fricken Skaggle Kid !"

"Gimme My Money Ya Fricken Skaggle !"

"Everyday I'm 'Skaggle'n' !" ~ $$ LA. CASH $$
by $$ L.A. CASH $$ June 23, 2011
A group of 3 or more skanks
Let's go scunting I just saw a skaggle of skanks on the other side of the club
by scunterburger November 20, 2010
To first dip into and deface the smooth virgin surface of a brand new jar of peanut butter or the first use any brand new item.

The kids used to argue about who first got to skaggle the new jar pf peanut butter.
The kids used to argue about who first got to skaggle the new jar pf peanut butter.
by Jterrifik September 06, 2010
A group of skanks (refer to definition of skank)
Hey, check out the Skaggle over there.
by Thommo September 12, 2004
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