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Norsk (Norwegian) for cheers, drink up! Pronounced like scauld without the D, scaul.
Skål!! It's newyears!!
by Dr. Battleship DeCock March 13, 2008
see skills; a moniker for the ever famed peteyIII. a thick-lipped individual, metaphysical, heterosexual mofo. may most often be seen screaming "REEEEEEE" and being niggardly. has a table in the cafe with his name etched into it.
P.N. ugh look at skals tryin to mack that ugly botch.. never thrice!

n. that nigga thinks he got skals but he aint got shit
by bigga nigga April 08, 2003
It is another word for slag or a hoe
"that girl is such a skal!"

"she got off with Tony behind the bike shed, they did tongues and everything... dirty SKAL!!!"
by skal March 25, 2008
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