The S.I.Y.A (formerly known as the I.Y.A) accepted a new member over the 04-05 holidays. The new member being the first and only female in the crew. This has not brought n e corruption within the crew yet. The I iz dating the S.
we r da maddest crew da world haz eva cn n we will kick ur ass if u live in endeavour hills or clayton.....
Top Definition
A super passionate person. Most likely to create change, run for political office or pursue a career in business.
"Damn girl, you're becoming such a Siya."
by spain2010 October 23, 2012
A name that describes awesome males in Africa. Most people would call a male this if they really think the guy is cool and is everything a man should be. Normally the word Siya has a connotation of idolisation, close to words like Jedi,Superman and Hero
(... in a pub a beer fall and this guy catches 0.0001 seconds before hitting the ground)
Guy:"ahhh, my beer"

Guy2:"Here it is man!"

Guy:"You are the sh*t...thanks Siya guy."
by agnobayis February 04, 2010
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