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The younger brother of former space pirate, Brak. Long ago he was Brak's second in command, helping him commit evil insidious acts, but radiation from a meteor shower had riddled them harmless. While Brak became retarded, Sisto became mute (though he tends to respond with to people with fart noises).

Though it is still uncertain what species Brak and Sisto actually are, their kind have been refered to as catmen on numerous occasions. Though the two are almost identical, Sisto is much shorter and wears a red uniform in contrast to Brak's blue uniform. Supposively, he was killed off in ep 18 when aliens beamed him up as their chosen food source.
Dad: "Do I smell the stink of Jealosy?"
Sisto: *farts*
~episode 4 War Next Door
by Autumn Rayne April 25, 2005
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