to add dick to anything. Can be substituted for any word.
Sipe you, nigga nutz!
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 05, 2008
Top Definition
to drink to excess in the company of close friends, often resulting in black out, pizza, arrest, and / or whale poaching.
Dude, lets go sipe. Sorry man, I'm straight siped from happy hour.


You up for some siping after class?
by BurtinErnie March 24, 2009
a white boy, a person who becomes white or acts like a white boy
The boy turned sipe or you are a sipe
by killakamo April 26, 2008
Spanglish slang for "yes" which come from SI (yes in spanish) + Nope (slang for "no" in english).
Are you coming to Jenna Jameson house?
Sipe, I'm going.
by geixer August 21, 2006
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